Our high quality tanning beds are easy to use and give you a personalised luxury tanning experience.
Find out more about both our lie down and stand up beds below.


The MegaSun 7900 Alpha Deluxe Horizontal Sunbed

The new megaSun 7900 alpha deluxe impresses with an elegant design combined with powerful elements and outstanding performances.

The user-friendly display pre-selection on the outside of the solarium´s canopy provides the possibility to choosing an individual setting prior to every tanning session. The intelligent tanning system intelliSun appeals perfectly to the high demands and wishes of the customers. So simple is tanning nowadays!

The six p2 tubes that are in the megaSun 7900 alpha deluxe provide the EXTRA amount of UVB. A perfect tan, essential bio-positive effects caused by Vitamin D production and the safe feeling of skin-gentle tanning are included.

Forty powerful Ruby-Collagen-Booster LEDs bring an increase of hydration as well as revitalization, relaxation and detoxification of the skin. A silky smooth skin is guaranteed.

You want to have Bluetooth? No problem at all. With only one click, the connection will be ready and you are able to listen to your own music from your smartphone. Feel the beat!

Pure Emotion! colorMotion, always takes care of the right mood. Choose your favourite colour with the novel user-friendly remote control. Touch it – love it!

If you must always have the best, the megaSun 7900 alpha deluxe is the only option.

The Hapro Luxura V8 Vertical Sunbed

Hapro’s brand new Luxura V8 is an all-new vertical tanning unit, the Luxura V8 offers a good balance of high quality, luxurious features.

The V8 uses premium, in-panel, door lamps, and superior cooling-fan technology to provide ultimate tanning comfort. This configuration allows customers to tan with the doors slightly open, if desired. This is because the internal fan mechanics ensure that booth doors remain a consistent, cool temperature. Booth doors can be conveniently opened with minimum, one-finger-touch effort.

The optional mist feature allows customer to enjoy a rejuvenating tan, while being enveloped in a pleasant, temperate mist. Tanners may also elect to immerse their spirit in either an energizing or calming aromatherapy, in order to complement their customized tanning experience.

One of the most exciting features of the new V8 booth is its LED lighting and sound-around plus design. The sound-around music studio allows clients to listen to their own music, through virtually any device. Tanners can even connect their mobile phone directly into the column of the V8, and enjoy their own personalised playlist, while the LED mood lighting alluringly changes colours around them.