Working in offices, exercising in closed rooms, spending free time on the couch – a lack of light robs us of our energy and in the worst case can even make us ill, because a lack of sunlight leads to a significantly lower concentration of vitamin D in our blood, which in turn has a negative effect on our health. The sun, or more accurately the UV radiation, specifically the UVB portion of the sunlight, naturally ensures that our bodies produce vitamin D. Our bodies are able to produce 90% of the vitamin D we need to survive – in the summer via the sun and in the autumn/winter via other light sources, such as solariums. Similar to solar panels on a roof, our skin absorbs the UVB portion of the sunlight and replenishes our bodies’ vitamin D reserve – completely without artificial supplements, fatty fish or cod liver oil.
From numerous studies we know how important a high level of vitamin D is for our health. Whether it is our breathing, blood circulation, cardio-vascular system, metabolism or immune system – vitamin D has a positive effect on our psychological and physical well-being. Sun studio users are proven to have a higher level of vitamin D than non-sun studio users.

Just feel good -UV-light is a real pick-me-up. It not only has a positive effect on our health, but also ensures that we are in a good mood. The light literally lightens our mood, because with enough sunlight, regardless of whether it is natural or in a solarium, our bodies increase the production of the “happy hormone” seratonin, and that simply makes us happy – similar to eating a piece of chocolate. By the way, the ultraviolet light tans the outer layer of our skin, the epidermis, and gives it a nice tanned colour.

A tan is the skin’s natural protection – Sun tanned skin in the best protection against sunlight and the most effective way to prevent getting a sunburn. A natural skin protectant that supports the effectiveness of SPF lotion. This allows you to enjoy a day at the pool, in the garden or at the beach even more, since your skin is already used to the sun, or better said, to UV-light.

Collagen Light

Collagen is an essential component of our connective tissue, and can also be called the “network“ of the body. Connective tissue is found between cells and organs as well as in the bones, vascular walls, tendons, ligaments – and of course in our skin! Collagens are fibres that provide form and elasticity, and significantly influence the strength or weakness of our connective tissue. They are skin-firming proteins, which consist of extremely fine fibres that are twisted together like ropes. With increasing age, the body’s own collagen production decreases, i.e. existing collagen deposits break down and harden, and skin ageing is accelerated. Lines and wrinkles appear in the face and neck area, the skin loses its elasticity. The light spectrum of the especially developed Collagen Plus tubes rebuilds collagen depositories. Lines and wrinkles are reduced. The skin looks much smoother and fresher. Plus Collagen restores the skin’s lost elasticity. The moisture content of the skin is improved over the entire body. Pure anti-ageing! In addition, the collagen network as well as tendons, ligaments and muscles are strengthened.

Vitamin D

Also called the sunshine vitamin, has a lot of duties in our body. First, a balanced vitamin D level works supportive on our immune system and is therefore a preventive measure against many diseases. The well being is also influenced by vitamin D. For example body inflammations can be reduced, one can be relieved from stress, insomnia and agitated melancholia, the mental receptiveness und general vitality can be improved. Vitamin D is essential for optimal health. Medical studies worldwide proofed the advantages and positive influence of vitamin D for the combat of many diseases. It is well known that infants till the age of 2 years are getting vitamin D supplements to prevent rickets. Also the prevention of some bone diseases like osteoporosis with vitamin D is wide accepted.